The Digital Consultant VS. A Digital Marketing Agency: What’s The Difference?

One’s a marketer.. One’s a middleman.. most solar marketers are middlemen..

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News Flash: Most marketers don’t actually do the service they sell. They outsource, or whitelabel.

The will call themselves full service digital marketers. But what they really should be calling themselves are digital consultants or middlemen.

Running paid ads or doing search engine optimization (SEO) and providing an amazing service, customer experience, and killer results, is extremely difficult.

All that is 10x more difficult in the solar industry.

This is why most marketers, especially the ones in the solar space, outsource the marketing.

This is called “White Labeling”.

Why do agency owners or digital consultants white label?

Because its easy! They don’t have to learn marketing! They sign on a client for $2000/month, pay the white label $500/month, and collect profit for no work.

What does this mean for the solar consultant or owner?

Getting burned. Which is why this is the #1 fear of signing on a “solar marketing lead gen company”

A real digital marketing agency has a team. They have dedicated account managers, ad experts, and more so they can provide the service in house.

This is extremely rare to come by in the solar marketing space.

Before you sign a contract to a “marketer” to do your lead gen, make sure you ask questions like:

Do you whitelabel your services?

How big is your team? Does your team manage my ad account or does a different company?

Where did you learn how to be a marketer? (School? Worked as an ads expert at a company?)

Bonus: Do you have client video testimonials in my vertical that you can share?

If you are congnasent of the “solar marketing” space and ask the right questions to these “gurus” blowing up your LinkedIn inbox, then you will save yourself thousands of dollars by not getting burned by middlemen.

Find yourself a real solar digital marketing agency (or hire one and do it in house!)

Z4 Solar has been in business for almost 2 years and has a growing team of ads experts, media buyers, account managers, and more. Z4 Solar does everything 100% in house and never outsources work.

We believe in full transparency, an amazing client experience, and getting the best results possible to help you reach your goals.

Z4 Solar is your trusted solar marketing partner.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to myself or book a strategy call at:

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